CrowdFund Nation – The mifold Grab & Go Booster Seat: A Child Booster Seat In Your Pocket!

September 01, 2015 1 min read


CFN031 – The mifold Grab & Go Booster Seat: A Child Booster Seat In Your Pocket!


Crowdfunding is where you’ll find real innovation first. No corporate or institutional committees spending years moving sluggishly to market with copy-cat products. Not here, not now…

My guest today is a true innovator, who identified a need in the marketplace from his own experiences – he’d noticed that his children (and many others) were traveling in carpool cars or taxis without proper booster seats all the time. He knew it wasn’t safe, and he stepped up and actually did something about it. He invented the mifold Grab & Go Booster Seat.

The real innovation was in turning the thinking inherent in the common child booster seat 180 degrees – instead of raising the child up to fit into the seatbelt structure sized for adults (hence the need for the ungainly plastic “box” with handles), why not bring the seatbelts down to conform to the needs of a child. This one thought allows the mifold to provide the same safety characteristics of the bulky boosters in a form-factor that is one-tenth the size.

The reduction in size is the key to making boosters easy to pop into a backpack, glovebox, or even a large pocket. Think about how many more children will benefit from this kind of access to an important safety device.

Check out my interview with Jon Sumroy, the inventor and CEO of mifold, and hear how his extensive set-up and pre-planning resulted in a very successful campaign launch with more than 4,500 backers so far.