Top 10 Travel Products For Adventuring Families - Huffington Post

February 15, 2016 1 min read

As a seasoned traveller, my wanderlust runs deep (from backpacking to businesstravel, I have circled the globe numerous times). Now as a mother of two, I am passionate about cultivating and passing along that love of travel to my children by placing an importance on collecting experiences, not things. However, let's be honest, sometimes there are some things that happen to make travel a whole lot easier. Below I profile my top 10 favourite products that make travelling with tots easy, breezy!



A next level booster seat, the Mifold folds up into a package small enough to fit into a child-size backpack or your car glove compartment. Perfect for traveling or carpooling, the Mifold is determined to revolutionize the typical car booster seat, and with great success. They're incredibly successful Indie GoGo campaign has raised over $870,000 to-date. You can pre-order your Mifold for a May delivery here.