Top New Products for Travel with Kids in 2015 - Trips With Tykes

February 16, 2016 2 min read


For older kids who no longer need a car seat but who still need a booster for car rides, help is on the way.  In 2015, the “mifold” booster seat launched its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and parents went crazy.  The initial fundraising goal was met in days and now nearly $1 million has been raised.

What’s so great about mifold?  It’s too early for me to have gotten my hands on a sample, but I’ve watched the product closely and even pre-ordered one for myself.  This is going to be a must-have for traveling parents because the mifold is just so tiny.  It could fit in a purse or daypack for taking cabs around town while you are traveling.  It works differently than other boosters by pulling the seatbelt down to hit younger children in the right spot (rather than raising them up to fit like a booster would).  It is also slim enough to fit three across if you have more than one child of safety seat age.  I can really see this product being a game changer for those with kids ages 4 and up while traveling.  You’ll never have to gamble about going without a booster in a cab again.

3. Lugabug ($69 on; 15% off through 12/31/2015 with promo code lugabugtravel2015, also newly available on Amazon)

Don’t want to take a stroller on your vacation but fear your child is too young for a long airport walk?  Lugabug is the perfect solution for kids in that in-between stage.  The product was developed by two parents who traveled a lot with their young kids, and it launched on Kickstarter earlier this year.  Lugabug is a nylon seat that attaches over the handle of your suitcase or carryon bag.  Your child sits in and you simply pull them along with the bag.

Lugabug is extremely light and compact and really doesn’t take up any extra luggage space.  It’s easy to tuck it in the front pocket of your carryon bag or just attach it on the outside.  Plus, it’s just darn fun.  What kid doesn’t want to ride along attached to mom or dad’s suitcase?  The entertainment value is huge.  I can definitely see wheeling my toddler around in it on a long layover or flight delay just to pass the time.  And the product serves a super-practical function when your kid just won’t walk any more and you are rushing to make a flight.

Lugabug is recommended for kids 2 years and up and up to a weight of 60 pounds.

What do you think about these 3 products?  Any others you’ve seen this year that you are excited about?

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